Dubsado Setup

Automating every step of your customer journey

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What is Dubsado and what can it do for my business? 

As an all-in-one business management software, Dubsado can help you in all areas of your business admin and organisation. From booking calls to sending client contracts and managing your invoices, Dubsado can do it all. 


Having all these handy features in one place allows you to focus on what you do best, cutting out the busy work. Your customer journey will be better and you'll have more free time. That's a win-win for everyone.


Dubsado is perfect for creative professionals who work alone or in a small team. The customisable format is perfect for photographers, copywriters, interior designers, business coaches, artists, and many more!

Why would I need help from a virtual assistant to set up Dubsado? 


Although it’s a brilliant system, it needs to be used and set up properly… Many Dubsado users only scratch the surface and are not maximising the system’s potential. 


That’s where I come in - using my project management skills I can lay the foundations for you. Resulting in a smooth, efficient experience for you and your customers. 


Together, we will turn your current customer journey into a simple workflow that can be automated in Dubsado. Through a virtual meeting (via Zoom, up to 2-hours), you tell me about your current client enquiry, onboarding, and project delivery processes. 


With my suggestions for improvement, we can iron out any kinks to customise Dubsado. I’ll then need example communication materials to work from, such as branding documents, contracts, and client questionnaires. 


After the first meeting, there will be little needed from you. Leave me to it and within 30-days (on average) you can start using Dubsado for all your client projects, without the headache of figuring it out yourself! 


I’ll explain everything in a follow-up meeting, offering support for two weeks after for any small tweaks or advice.

Your Investment

Your setup from start to finish includes - 

  • Your Dubsado account creation

  • Your initial virtual meeting (up to 2-hours)

  • Up to 2 schedulers (for automated meetings)

  • Up to 3 workflows (agreed at the start of the process)

  • Up to 8 forms completed (contracts, proposals, and questionnaires)

  • Off-boarding call to run through your brand new CRM system

  • 2 weeks of follow-up support (via WhatsApp or email)


For a great value investment of only £1399.

Payment plans are available

Membership costs of Dubsado

Dubsado is a paid membership, but the beauty of my set-up service is you don’t need to pay for it upfront. 


They offer free membership for 3 clients on your account, only 1 of which I’ll use as a test client to demonstrate the system to you. After this, you can upgrade once the other 2 client spaces have been filled by signing up for an annual or monthly subscription. For full cost details, head to the Dubsado website. 


Get 20% off your first month or year (depending on the payment plan you choose) with my affiliate discount.